Year 2012
  • SECRICOM integrated presentation on Combined Endeavour 2012 – NATO planning conference in Bratislava,30th January - 3rd February 2012 - Michal Palat, Alexandr Guzun (Ardaco)


Year 2011

  • project presentation on Globecom, December 2011, Houston, USA - Latif Ladid (UL)

  • SECRICOM presentation on Nextel Security Day, Bilbao, Spain, 24th November 2011 - Mikel Uriarte (Nextel)

  • projet presentation European workshop on Safe-Infrastructures, November 2011, Mikel Uriarte (Nextel)

  • project presentation on PSC Forum conference, Poland, November 2011, ITTI

  • project presentation on series of IPv6 summits, Potsdam, Melbourne, San Jose, London, Malaysia, New Yourk, by Latif Ladid (UL)

  • project presentation on UK Local resilience forum, Righton, October 2011, BAPCO, Qinetiq

  • project presentation on 5EINSE INTECO, Leon, Spain, October 2011, Mikel Uriarte (Nextel) - PRESENTATION

  • project presentation on European Defence Conference, Warsaw, Poland, October 2011, BUMAR and ITTI

  • project achievements presented on BAPCO South East region workshop, Sussex, UK, June 2011, by BAPCO and Qinetiq

  • presentation Decision making games in crisis management on conference The security of contemporary world - challenges and threats, Poznan, Poland, April 2011 byITTI

  • presentation of SECRICOM on EUROPOLTECH 2011, Warsaw, Poland, April 2011, ITTI and Institute of Informatics Slovak Academy of Sciences

  • SECRICOM presentation on PROSIMOS workshop, April 2011, Madrid, Spain, Miroslav Konecny (Ardaco), Shaun ONeill (BAPCO)

  • SECRICOM presentation to German Certification group and Ministry of Economy, Germany, February 2011 INFINEON

  • SECRICOM presentation on BAPCO Scotland conference, February 2011, BAPCO team

  • Consequence workshop, London, UK, January 2011, BAPCO and Qinetiq

Year 2010

  • objectives and achievements of SECRICOM on NEXTEL security day, Bilbao, Spain, November 2010, Nextel team

  • workshop organized by CEA LETI - PASTIS II, Gardanne, France, CEA Leti

  • SECRICOM presentation on Civil Protection NATO Conference and Exercise, Sielnica, Slovakia 2010 - Rich Edwards (Qinetiq), Tomas Kucharik (Ardaco), Aurel Machalek (University Luxembourg) - PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM and WP3 presentation on international scientific Conference: Crisis Situations Treatment in Specific Environment, 2nd June 2010 - Miroslav Konecny, Ardaco - PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM presentation on BAPCO National conference in April 2010, London, UK - Project outline and in particular the approach to capturing user requirements by Rich Edwards and Al Aldabbagh (Qinetiq) PRESENTATION

Year 2009

  • Presentation to European Defence Agency by Dr Ahmed Aldabbagh, John Stoodley (Qinetiq) and Shaun O’Neill (BAPCO), 1/4/2009 Brussels PRESENTATION

  • BAPCO National conference in April 2009, London, UK - Project outline and in particular the approach to capturing user requirements by Rich Edwards and Al Aldabbagh (Qinetiq) PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM presentation by Igor Kocis (Smartrends) to a relevant audience at Global Technology Symposium at Stanford University (, Stanford, USA March 2009 PRESENTATION

  • MSPO trades ( The exhibition took place on 31/08/2009 – 02/09/2009. Since visitors were mostly Polish the dissemination was led in native language. PRESENTATION (in Polish)

  • The First International ICST Conference on Security and Privacy in Mobile Information and Communication Systems (MobiSec 2009), 03rd - 05th June 2009 - TU Graz was introducing core concepts of WP5 to a scientific audience, thus providing the opportunity to receive valuable feedback. PRESENTATION

  • SECRICOM presentation by ITTI at 13th Conference from the series Critical Management and Rescue held on 15th September 2009 in Warsaw: “Optimization of alarm calls system – the new conception of the number 112 functioning”. PRESENTATION (in Polish)

  • SECRICOM presentation at NATO Conference NEW CHALLENGES – BETTER CAPABILITIES on 21st and 22nd October 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Presentation given by Tomas Kucharik, CEO Ardaco, a.s. - PRESENTATION

  • First contact and presentation to local authorities in Spain PRESENTATION (in Spanish)

  • SECRICOM presentation in a Security Day meeting organized by NEXTEL on 11th March 2009 PRESENTATION (in Spanish/English)

  • SECRICOM presentations for Basque Country Local Authorities: Interior department and Emergencies Coordination Department PRESENTATION

  • BAPCO roadshow 2009 - Project outline and user requirements presentation for users, industry and stakeholders October - November 2009, UK, Newcastle, London, Coventry PRESENTATION

  • Presentation to PSC Europe Forum Conference 2009 - Ahmed Aldabbagh (QinetiQ) Shaun O’Neill (BAPCO) PRESENTATION

Year 2008

  • SECRICOM presentation given by ITTI Ltd. at “Safety, Security & Information Technology Seminar” during the 20th International Fair of Electronic Communication INTERTELECOM 2009 (17th March 2008, Lodz, Poland - PRESENTATION (in Polish)

  • SECRICOM presentation at PSC technical meeting 2nd December 2008, Valbonne, France - PRESENTATION

  • "Low Cost and High Performance Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Network Solution in Rural and Mountain Areas - Lessons Learnt, Future Challenges and Application to Disaster and Emergency Management", Oscar Lazaro, Innovalia Association - Workshop on Advanced Communication Technologies for Risk, Emergency and Disaster Management ( on 15th September 2008, Cannes, France PRESENTATION

  • BAPCO roadshow 2008 - Broad presentation to users, industry and stakeholders covering project intentions October/November2008 UK, Nottingham – Preston - Swindon Interior department and Emergencies Coordination Department PRESENTATION


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