Other publications
Year 2011
  • EUROPOLTECH 2011: International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services. Fair Magazine Article
Year 2010
  • A consultation paper entitled ' ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE AS THE FOUNDATION FOR AGILE PUBLIC SAFETY & SECURITY' has been produced by a team of 8 authors from 7 organisations. SECRICOM has been represented by QinetiQ.

  • Les chercheurs rejoignent les secours sur terrain, L'Essentiel Luxembourg, 23rd November 2010, p. 6, ARTICLE

  • Geothermal Anywhere: SECRICOM predstavil výsledky dvojročného výskumu, Internet article (Secricom introduced its interim results); ARTICLE in Slovak

  • Participation of SECRICOM in BAPCO 2010 Conference & Exhibition, ARTICLE

  • Mikel Uriarte: Nextel S.A. avanza con la innovación, Deia ostirala, June/2010, p. 37, ARTICLE in Spanish

  • Miroslav Konecny: SECRICOM – univerzálna komunikácia pre krízové riadenie (SECRICOM - Universal communication for crisis management), Hospodárske noviny 27/07/2010, p. 24, ARTICLE in Slovak

  • Miroslav Konecny: First Aid - recover quicky, keep on talking, The Parliament Magazine Research Review 3/2010, p.44 ARTICLE

  • European Security Directory project profile. PROFILE

  • Leaflet SECRICOM: Recover quicky, keep on talking. For dissemination purposes in 2010. LEAFLET

Year 2009
  • Ahmed Aldabbagh: Catastrophic Incidents, BAPCO journal 3/2009 ARTICLE part 1 and ARTICLE part 2

  • publication in a Slovak magazine for government services: Nové riešenia krízovej komunikácie pre Európu (New solutions in crisis communication for Europe), EuroreportPlus, 10/2009 ARTICLE (in Slovak)

  • Shaun O'Neill: Seamless Communication for Crisis Management - update, BAPCO emagazine 10/2009 ARTICLE

  • local publications in Spanish by Nextel: Nueva Gestión ARTICLE, DEIA, Suplemento Formación y Empleo ARTICLE, Información Cámara de Comercio de Bilbao ARTICLE (in Spanish)

  • Shaun O'Neill: Seamless, Interoperable, BAPCO journal 11/2009, p. 13 ARTICLE

Year 2008
  • local publications in Spanish by Nextel: El Correo ARTICLE and El Diario Vasco ARTICLE (in Spanish)

  • John Stoodley, Ahmed Aldabbagh and David Traynor: Project SECRICOM - Seamless Communication for Crisis Management, BAPCO journal 11-12/2008 ARTICLE


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