Project structure

The project work is divided into nine RTD work-packages supported by two work-packages for management and dissemination. Top innovations deal with:

  • Creation of secure wireless fault tolerant communication system for mobile devices based on push-to-talk system (WP 3);
  • Secure distributed system (WP 4);
  • Secure docking module – system on chip design (WP 5).

These innovations will be extended by:

  • IPV6 based secure communication (WP 6);
  • Internetwork interfaces, interoperable, recoverable and extendable network (WP 8);
  • Communication infrastructure monitoring and control centre equipped with localization of actors (WP 9);

Working infrastructure – the objective of SECRICOM project will be ensured by:

  • Integration of research results (WP 7);
  • Demonstrator creation and presentation (WP 10).




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