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Related technologies and products of project partners:

SILENTEL - Communication security
Silentel protects voice and data communication against wiretapping and interception.It is a comprehensive solution for mobile communication security, which consists of client applications and server modules. Silentel client applications are made for end users’ mobile phones and PCs. Server modules provide authorisation and mutual connection between individual users. Basic software packages can be complemented by hardware encryption SD cards ensuring the highest level of communication security. Silentel can be delivered as scalable solution which meets specific customer requirements. It’s dedicated for individuals, private companies and governmental bodies.

SECRICOM SILENTEL is a secure communication system for better collaboration in environment of emergency response and public services. New functionalities have been devoped in SECRICOM to suite needs of Public Safety professionals. Read more about SILENTEL.
The Multi Bearer Router (MBR)
Enables seamsless data roaming by delivering secure managed network access to multi-media applications via seamless integration of multiple available wireless networks. New functionalities are being developed in SECRICOM. More on MBR, More on CMC
NEXTEL S.A. will include the project results as part of their security services and through the suitable business units of NEXTEL S.A. will assist other companies in setting up and optimising this kind of  solutions. The results from the SECRICOM project will allow NEXTEL S.A. to enhance the security services provided to our clients.
The project results will be exploited in terms of ICT security services. In the aim to achieve our mission of providing our customers engineering and consultancy services about trusted ICT to facilitate business processes and innovative strategies, the results of SECRICOM project will enable to integrate security systems in a complete information security management systems. The resulting security model will define the security mechanisms and the global architecture to manage the security policies, the awareness of the security assurance level, and the toolset to record and react once the behaviour of the communications infrastructure doesn’t match the requirements modelled as security policy.


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