The SECRICOM project idea arose from close co-operation of consortium members with public bodies in charge of emergency management. They have a necessity for secure, fast and easy accessible information in the form of voice, pictures, video sequences, documents, notes, etc. All forms of these information could be transferred by a secure communication system with enhanced collaboration features.

SECRICOM project will create an infrastructure of a new quality. Such matureness was impossible until now, due to the state of art in various technologies used. The project should bring new possibilities of secure operative communication, a new generation of networks utilization.


SECRICOM Infrastructure

Secricom Event April 2012 in Warsaw (Poland)


SECRICOM Final Demonstration

SECRICOM has conducted its final demonstration of results achieved by the project. More than 40 emergency response stakeholders from UK and abroad watched the SECRICOM capabilities in action.

Videos from SECRICOM on Civile Protection Event
Videos from SECRICOM project demonstrations now available in YouTube channel.

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